Behind the Lens: Women in Sport

If you were by the dojo recently you may have noticed the huge amount of broadcasting and camera equipment! That’s because we teamed up with Sports Direct (Frasers Group) to put together a fantastic video for a brilliant cause. The video being produced was in aid of Women in Sport and shocking statistics for teenage girls in sport.

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The gender dream deficit in sport

Did you know that just 29% of girls dream of reaching the top within their sport, compared to 52% of boys? Furthermore, did you know that 35% of girls feel they are not expected to be good at sports, compared to 4% of boys? These statistics show us that there is not enough being actioned for girls within sport, we are not inspiring nor giving girls aspirations and goals to achieve through positive reinforcement. United Judo thinks this is a hugely important cause and because of this, we are starting a girls-only class starting soon. We aim to give women and girls an opportunity to achieve what they want to, with a step in the right direction from the very beginning.

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The gender dream deficit in sport

The footage taken at the United Judo Bexley Dojo stars our judoka girls in full effect, throwing, socialising, and training hard within a safe environment. These clips will star our girls Mya, Tillie, Millie, Olivia, and Natalie as they carry the torch for girls everywhere. The campaign was called “We Belong” and will be featured all across London on the Sports Direct advertisement screens within the stores.

Interested in Woman-Only classes?

If you would like to know more about our Women Only class starting soon, please contact us to register your interest today!

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