Kyu Grades

The Kyu Grade system stands as a distinctive aspect of judo, wherein progression to various colored belts is determined by technical prowess, knowledge, understanding, and a supplementary grasp of Japanese terminology. While the British Judo Kyu grade. system doesn’t mandate contest participation, it does feature a progressively structured randori element based on open skills.

Tailored for judoka aged 14 and older, as well as those between 14 and 17 who already hold a Mon Grade and are transitioning to the next grading scheme, this system is designed for those committed to regular study and training. Typically, a judoka should complete this syllabus in approximately 6-9 years, with exceptionally dedicated individuals achieving this milestone in 4-5 years. Comprising 6 distinct grades, each requiring a different coloured belt, the Kyu system serves as a crucial stepping stone for judoka aiming for the coveted black belt through further study and training.

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The Kyu Grade Belts

The Kyu Grade System - British Judo Association