Ladies Only Judo Classes

Welcome to United Judo, a family-run Judo Club nestled in the heart of Bexley, where tradition meets a vibrant community spirit. At United Judo, we are more than just a club; we’re a family dedicated to the art and discipline of Judo. Our dojo doors are open to everyone, from seasoned judokas to those stepping onto the mat for the first time.

We are thrilled to announce a special addition to our dojo – our Ladies Only Judo class. This weekly session has quickly blossomed into a powerful space of learning, empowerment, and camaraderie. Led by our passionate instructors, this class is a celebration of strength, technique, and self-defence, designed specifically for women. Our ladies-only class is built on the foundation of inclusivity and respect, welcoming participants of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re looking to dive into the sport, refine your techniques, or learn practical self-defence, this class offers a supportive environment to achieve your goals.

Join the fantastic group of committed ladies who are not just learning Judo but are also building confidence, enhancing their fitness, and forming lifelong friendships. At United Judo, we believe in the power of Judo to transform lives, and our Ladies Only class is a testament to that belief.

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Ladies class at Bexley

What's the benefits of learning Judo?

The practice of Judo fosters a strong sense of confidence, teaching women how to leverage their strength effectively, regardless of their opponent’s size. This confidence transcends the dojo, equipping them with the courage to face life’s challenges with poise and determination. Moreover, Judo’s focus on balance, flexibility, and coordination enhances overall physical health and well-being. Beyond the physical and psychological benefits, Judo cultivates a supportive community where women can connect, share experiences, and support one another in their journey. In essence, Judo offers women a holistic approach to wellness, empowering them to lead healthier, more confident lives. Put simply Judo can be great for:

Physical Fitness

Mental Fitness

Self Defence


Stress release

Is Judo safe?

Judo is designed with safety and respect at its core, making it an exceptionally safe martial art for everyone to try. Its foundational principles—maximum efficiency with minimum effort and mutual welfare and benefit—ensure that practices and sparring sessions emphasize safety, control, and cooperation. In Judo, techniques are taught progressively, with a strong focus on learning how to fall safely (ukemi) to minimize the risk of injury. This careful approach allows participants to build confidence gradually, understanding their own strengths and capabilities within a secure environment.

What do you need to get started?

To get started with the ladies-only session please attend on a Wednesday evening at our Bexley Dojo. We will supply you with a jacket and belt to borrow but please wear something comfortable like tracksuit bottoms or leggings. Jewelry is not permitted and hair is appropriately tied up above the collar to avoid accidental injury.

With United you get two weeks free of charge to try it out and see what you think with our most qualified coach Dave Quinn. Get in touch today to get started with Judo.

Ladies class photo
Ladies Class mid fighting

"The ladies class was absolutely fantastic, it was nice to have a night dedicated to us ladies. The sessions were a much better balanced intensity than I was imagining, plus the whole club offers a friendly environment!"

– Yanika

"United was great and the class was brilliant. Loved every minute, haven't missed a session! You better watch out, I've just been graded too I mean business haha!"

– Kiri

What is the session like?

Our session will include a light warm-up, general technical practice and short free fighting time (randori). This is the perfect starter or club-level session if you are looking to try Judo. You can then continue to go to our higher-intensity nights as you grow in confidence if you would like to.

The class takes place at our brand-new Judo dojo, which holds Olympic depth mats on a sprung floor allowing you to fall continuously without injury. Additionally we will work on crash mats for technical standing throws, allowing you to really fall into your skill and build talents progressively.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today to get started and register your interest!