Black Belts and National Players

Welcome to United Judo Club, where excellence meets passion on the mat. Within our dynamic community, we proudly house national-level players and accomplished black belts who embody the spirit of dedication and mastery in the art of judo. Our club serves as a hub for those aspiring to reach the pinnacle of their judo journey, with a roster of talented individuals who have not only achieved remarkable success at the national level but also hold prestigious black belts. This webpage offers a glimpse into the inspiring stories, achievements, and expertise of our national players and black belts, showcasing the high standards of skill and sportsmanship that define our judo community. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of these exceptional individuals and embark on a judo adventure that promises growth, camaraderie, and the pursuit of excellence.

Black Belts

We hold immense pride in each of our Black Belt Dan Grade members. Some of our members went through the entire grading system with only United Judo examiners in their licenses – our players also range from Technical specilisation to Competitive too.

Dave Stanley 7th Dan

Dave Quinn 6th Dan

Chris Newman 4th Dan

Bill Sargent Sir 3rd Dan

Paraic Hernon 3rd Dan

Chris Ronayne 3rd Dan

Bill Sargent Jnr 2nd Dan

Brayden Quinn 2nd Dan

Danny Sargent 2nd Dan

Khissain Pirov 2nd Dan

Stuart Hollingdale 2nd Dan

David Rumble 2nd Dan

William Young 1st Dan

Anselmo Marinheiro 1st Dan

Peter Fryer 1st Dan

Ciaran Ronayne 1st Dan

Dan Gibbons 1st Dan

Henry Ripley 1st Dan

Skip Callard 1st Dan

Leon Wilson 1st Dan

Lucy Brandon 1st Dan

National Players

We host training for a wealth of competitors from all different levels. Although we are proud of all the success we have had within the club it is important to give special mention to our National Level competitors for their dedication and self-motivation to achieve what only a portion of competitors achieve. This also includes our previous national medal or team players.

David Quinn

Chris Newman

Bill Sargent Senior

Bill Sargent Junior

Danny Sargent

Paraic Hernon

Brayden Quinn

Khissain Pirov

William Young

Charlotte Jenman

Anselmo Marinheiro

Dan Gibbons

Jack Jenman

Karis Stevens

Max Shorter

Billy Adams

Louie Senguin

Oliver Cook

Kagan Barker

Lucy Brandon


Want to get involved and become a Black Belt or National Player?

Although casual competition is absolutely fine, raising the bar and going the extra mile is within our core values here at United Judo within Excellence. If you would like to know how to achieve your 1st Dan or maybe even how to get onto the English Judo Squad ask one of our competitive coaches.

It’s not easy but it is achievable and everything worth doing requires effort right? So let’s get you started!