Mon Grades

The Mon Grade system, a distinctive aspect of British Judo, involves the advancement to various colored belts based on technical proficiency, knowledge, understanding, and a supplementary grasp of Japanese terminology. 

Designed for individuals aged 8 to 17, the British Judo Mon Grade system follows the Sho Awards. Through consistent study and training, judoka are expected to complete the Mon Grade syllabus by the age of 17, and in some instances, dedicated individuals may achieve this milestone as early as 15. While the Mon Grade system doesn’t necessitate participation in contests, it features a progressively structured randori component at the higher grades.

Comprising 18 different mon grades, each requiring a specific colored belt and/or belt tag(s), the Mon system represents a comprehensive framework for the ongoing development of judoka. We’ve collected everything you need to work your way up the Mon Grade system.

The grade books

The posters

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