Toddler Judo Classes

Welcome to our exciting new venture in Bexley! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our judo classes specifically tailored for toddlers at our state-of-the-art dojo. At United, we believe in the importance of starting young and instilling values of discipline, respect, and physical fitness from an early age. Our carefully crafted curriculum combines the ancient martial art of judo with age-appropriate activities designed to enhance motor skills, confidence, and social interaction. Join us as we embark on this journey of growth and learning in a safe and nurturing environment, where your little ones can discover the joy of judo and lay the foundation for a lifetime of martial arts enjoyment.

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Sho Grade Children in Dojo at United Judo

Why is Judo good for toddlers?

Judo is fantastic for toddlers and younger children for an abundance of different reasons:

Starting their physical fitness off slow and strong, encouraging a healthy exercise routine within a fun environment.

Motor skills development including hand-eye coordination and overall development or readiness for other physical activities.

Discipline and focus, Judo emphasizes these attributes and encourages a healthy adoption of them within everyday life.

Confidence boosting is a common benefit many individuals of all ages achieve. We’ve had parents tell us Judo has opened their children more than ever before, allowing them to flourish! This can have lasting positive effects on school education too.

Social Interaction comes naturally through classes here at United as they learn the importance of social skills and interacting with other individuals on the mat.

Safety awareness and strength traits are also upgraded every time they get on the mat, allowing them to be children without the fear of hurting themselves constantly.

Is Judo safe for toddlers?

At United, safety is paramount in our judo classes for toddlers, overseen by our experienced head coach, Dave Quinn. With Dave’s expertise, our classes are carefully structured to suit toddlers’ developmental needs while ensuring a safe learning environment. Our dojo is equipped with padded sprung floor mats and maintained to high standards, minimising risks.

Dave’s appropriate class sizes allow for individualised attention and prompt addressing of any safety concerns. We prioritise open communication with parents, fostering a collaborative approach to safety. In sum, at United, toddlers can enjoy judo with confidence, knowing they’re in good hands with Coach Dave.

What do our parents say?

Our toddler parents have expressed the greatest of reviews for each class they’ve attended. With compliments to Dave for being full of energy and the perfect amount of discipline – allowing the toddlers to grow every session not only as players but also as children.

“My child has loved every moment of Judo so far, we cannot thank Dave and United enough for the support they’ve given my little chicken!”

What do I need and when can my little one attend Judo?

To join our judo classes at our new dojo in Bexley, simply attend one of our two sessions. Our classes are designed with the young age group in mind and include a warm-up, games, and age-appropriate technical lessons. Currently, we offer sessions on Mondays at 5:30 pm, and due to high demand, we’ve added a Wednesday class at the same time.

For your child’s first session, ensure they wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement. Girls should tie their hair back to prevent any accidental tugging during interactions. For safety reasons, we ask that no jewelry, watches, or other accessories be worn during class. If your child requires religious attire, please speak with us beforehand to discuss any necessary accommodations. Our priority is always the safety and comfort of our students.

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