Sho Grade

The Sho Grades stand as the grading distinctions from British Judo tailored for 5 to 7-year-olds, emphasizing the cultivation of essential movement skills. Judo Kids is dedicated to enjoyable activities aimed at nurturing fundamental skills, judo-specific techniques, breakfalls, and social aptitude.

Comprising 9 award levels, each distinguished by a unique colored belt, the Sho grade system serves to acknowledge the progress of young participants as they refine their foundational physical, technical, social, and psychological skills.

Upon reaching the age of 8, participants transition to the Mon grading scheme.

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The grades

Sho One (1)
Sho Two (2)
Sho Three (3)
Sho Four (4)
Sho Five (5)
Sho Six (6)
Sho Seven (7)
Sho Eight (8)
Sho Nine (9)
Sho Grade Children in Dojo at United Judo