Club Friendly Competition - March 2024

After very popular demand we will be holding yet another club-friendly competition at our Bexley dojo for new unexperienced players to test their training and skill in a safe and controlled competitive environment.

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2nd March 2024

United Judo – Bexley Dojo

This is an inter-club invitation-only event which is for BJA members of a junior age. The competition will be at our Bexley Dojo on the 2nd of March 2024, for more information on where please see our Contact Us page.

Players will be notified 2 days before the event of the time slot they are expected to arrive. There is a licensed bar open for the event next door which will be open for refreshments and light snacks (crisps, nuts etc.). This event is suitable for primary school-aged children only.

Club competition friendly 1
Judo friendly competition at United

How to enter

To enter please purchase your competition entry at the link below on our dedicated shop page. We had over 50 entries at the last event so would expect similar results from this competition entry too. There will be a qualified first aid member on sight at all times.

This event is an everyone-wins opportunity giving kids huge confidence boosts as they receive their medals for hard work and judo spirit. With it coming up soon in March, make sure you get training preparation in before hand. We look forward to seeing you there!

Competitions at any level are a great way to build confidence, competition structure and reach goals.

Competitions are only useful if you are competing with similar experienced players. It would not be beneficial to enter a competition that is way above or way below your capabilities. Always speak to your coach first.

Yes. You can do judo without doing competitions. The British Judo Association has a structured pathway for non-competitive participants to reach their goals.

Like any martial arts competition there is relevant risk involved, however lots of competitions happen each year without injury occurring. We will have a qualified First Aider on sight ready for anything if it happens.

You can wear any colour suit for this event, White or Blue.