Get to know the coaches: Dave Stanley

Given the regular presence of numerous coaches on the mat each week, encountering a session with a different coach can be quite overwhelming. To ensure everyone feels warmly welcomed, we are delving into the backgrounds of our coaches in this blog series.

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Get to know Dave

Hi, I’m Dave Stanley, I run the Monday technical sessions and am the newest member of our coaching dream team here at United Judo. As one of the youngest coaches here at United, I aim to give the very best technical advice for any judoka on the mat from new or youth judoka through to senior players and black belt enthusiasts – I’m a 7th Dan now, so I know a thing or two. If you see me, say hi! I’m friendly and have a couple of Judo stories I can tell you for sure.

What are some of your judo achievements?

I was part of the London Area Senior School team in 1969 and we went on to achieve the gold in the School National Championships. I gained my club coach award when I was 19 and my Level 3 Coaching Award (County Coach) in 1978. I started my second love of refereeing (behind coaching) in 1974 and went on to gain my IJF A (World Class Referee) in 1999. I was then selected to do Paralmypic Refereeing in 2000 which means refereeing players who are visually impaired and may also be deaf. This led me onto three Paralympics in Athens 2004, London 2012 and Rio 2016.

Dave Stanley in the Grand Slam Japan 2019

What was your first Judo club?

My first judo club was Crystal Palace Judo Club with coach John Waite who at the time was the Area Coach for the Southern Area.

How long have you been doing Judo?

I started Judo in school in 1966. I have seen many rule changes through the years, many great players and exceptional judo spirit. It’s a beautiful thing our sport – truly fantastic. Seeing new generations adapt to the new rules coming into play is great, you get to see many different styles of Judo forming from all parts of the globe instead of one consistent winning throw or hold etc. from leg grabs to flying armlocks to now Georgian lifts and Sode variations!

What's your best Judo memory?

I have so many memories in Judo it’s hard to nail it down to a single one, however being selected to Project Lead the Africa Visually Impaired (VI) judoka was an honour. Promoting blind Judo in Africa for half a decade, I got to meet so many individuals who inspired me in more ways than one – it was an unforgettable experience I will cherish for a lifetime.

What countries has Judo taken you?

Judo has taken me all across the world, it has been one of the best things in my life. To only name a handful Greece, Brazil, Paris, Scotland, Japan and so many more I’ve lost count! It truly has opened up so many travel doors for me it’s hard to type them all down.

Dave Stanley at Judo Competition Olympics

What is your favourite throw?

My favourite throw is Uchi Mate, it is a stunning throw to watch at the many Grand Slam and Olympic events I have officiated at.

What is your one Judo wish?

I wish that players and coaches understand the Judo rules. Also for more juniors and seniors to get into refereeing, we need all the members we can get for this beautiful sport to continue the way it does. Without the officials, we wouldn’t have the sport!

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