United Judo Club History

Our Judo club has a brilliant club history that we are proud of. We’ve supported more than 1000 judokas to compete, increase their technical knowledge, enjoy socialising with our community and get fit both mentally and physically. Are you part of our history? Let us know how, we might even share it on this page!

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In the years leading to the relaunch, United was proudly part of Tsukuru Judo Academy. Working closely with the head coach at Tsukuru in Orpington, Rob New. The club went from strength to strength and was greatly supported by Rob’s club for a competitive advantage within training sessions and technical teachings to all. Due to our venue and members getting fully formed after a few years Rob felt the club had now created its own well-founded reputation so it was agreed that our venue Head Coach Dave Quinn and members would leave on their own club venture.

United in 2011

Photo includes David Quinn, Sean Warren, Chris Ronayne, Bill Sergent, Sean Seal, Brayden Quinn, Will Young, Katie Harriot, and more…


United Judo was forged through the motivation and dedication of Dave Quinn and few judoka parents. The club initially opened in our Bexleyheath Crook Log Leisure Centre venue exclusively and started off slow and steady.

Three of our competitive players join the British Judo National Squad and gain the English Rose on their Judo suit. A special shout out to these players Lucy Brandon(Cadet), Max Shorter(Pre-Cadet) and Brayden Quinn(Cadet).

United Judo Players meet Mayor of London Boris Johnson for a specialised day of marital arts within the community setting of Crook Log Leisure Centre.

We have a very special visit from Olympic competitor and 9 time Japanese Champion Maki Tsukada.

United in 2012

Photo includes David Quinn, Chris Ronayne, Maki Tsukada, Dave Dunsford, Stuart Hollingdale and Derek.


United Judo take an international trip to Spain Avilla De Aviles for the International Judo competition. Our players included Will Young, Brayden Quinn, Jayden Seal, Max Shorter and more! Jayden also competed in the Aviles team as part of their national team competition.

Our junior national competitors take on the Venray International in Holland on a British National team trip.

We take numerous club visits over to Ford Judo Club, Redbridge Judo Club, Metro Judo Club and Westcroft Judo Club.

Photo includes Brayden Quinn and Will Young


United Judo brings onboard a new Judo club partnership with Sidcup Judokwai and Head Coach Dave Dunsford. This club brings a multitude of benefits to the United network including a Senior BJA examiner, National Players, and numerous legendary coaches.

We developed one of our great Judo women, Lucy Brandon now representing United as our first female coach ready to teach our students everything she knows.

Our new Sidcup venue hosts a training session with the National Visually Impaired team bringing down great Judoka competitors like Dan Powell, Ben Quilter and Joe Ingram with their coach John Paul.

Our Masters take a trip for the Ray Stevens, Eric Born and Julian Davies Masterclass for the London Area.

Coaches Dave Quinn and Bill Sergent Senior receive their top-of-the-podium position in the British Masters Open.

United in 2014

Photo includes Nick Seymour, Dan Powell, Stuart Hollingdale and more…


The United Judo team take an international trip to Berlin Germany. Our kids attended a session with friend coach Dave Rumble and received their diplomas in sport at the Sportschulen Lothar Nest.

United teams at our Bexleyheath and Sidcup venues team up to run and organise the Bexley Borough Squad for the London Youth Games competition.

Photo includes David Rumble, David Quinn, Teddy Gibbons, Henry Ripley, Frankie Warren, Jayden Seal and more…


United take a trip to compete in the Maltese Open, with 10 competitors ready to bring their motivation and skill to the tatami. The team took 8 out of 10 medals possible which was a fantastic output from the immense training our judokas are committing to.

Our long-term competitors also take another trip this year, this time to Northern Ireland for the Northern Ireland Open.


Our keenest competitors take on the Venray International in Holland and seek good results.

Dave Quinn and Bill Sergent Senior receive a shoutout in the British Judo Association annual publication text for their huge motivation and dedication to the sport and community.

United Judo coaches and parents join forces to run in a Charity Christmas Fun Run supporting local charities and the amazing work that they do.

United Judo takes on Portugal for our annual getaway family and friends judo trip. Our players received some fantastic socialising time and competitive situation with an add-on training session too.

Photo includes Joe Brandon, Lucy Brandon, Louise Brandon, Sean Seal, Jules Ripley, David Quinn, Carol Quinn, Jayden Seal and more…


United Judo invite international superstar Nekoda Smythe-Davis for a special Masterclass at our Bexley venue.

Our young competitors traveled up to Sheffield for the British Schools Championships, where a few of our talented young champions received a medal.

We take a club trip to Belgium, bringing some of our greatest competitors and families together for a fantastic getaway.

United coach Dave Quinn visit the USA Judo Club in Colorado, Ju Shin Kan. A fantastic competitive judo club that welcomed us greatly, thanks again!

Our masters get their action hats on for the Masters and High-Grade Senior Team Championships in Birmingham.

United in 2018

Photo includes Chris Newman, Chris Carr, Khissain Pirov and more…


United welcome Pat Bryant’s Brawl in the Hall as one of the first partnership club venues. With over forty judokas on the mat, the session was a huge success which still runs today.

Our fiercest junior competitors take on the Scottish Open and walk away with some very respectable medal finishes.

We take on Wales for the Welsh Open with some of our most enthusiastic competitive players. Utilising the event as a club trip we take more than 30 people to build a fantastic family getaway with friends.

We bring onboard sponsor Howdens, which to this day continues to help support our hundreds of members.

United once again teamed up with our venues to create the Bexley Borough team for the London Youth Games. This year we went from strength to strength and won the competition for the Bexley Borough.

We take a club visit up to the Budakwai where our greatest competitors receive a fantastic training session within a historic club venue and community.

United in 2019


Due to COVID-19 the club took an incredibly stressful situation that we needed to adjust and overcome together. On going Zoom meetings were in place to ensure children receive FREE training sessions from the comfort of their home environment.

United invite Nekoda Smythe-Davis for a virtual training session via Zoom. We had over 30 judoka in attendance and a fantastic review from parents too. Thank you Nekoda!

Photo includes Nekoda Smythe-Davis.


United Judo are back in business with the venues through government guidelines reopening. We invite members back to our Crook Log Leisure Centre and Dartford Mallard Close venues for action-packed classes to get you back into it.

We start our fundraising event for venue preparations with a sponsored throw activity. This sponsored event summarises making us countless donations we are immensely grateful for. Thank you to everyone who supported our cause.

United in 2021

Photo includes Henry Ripley, Ciaran Ronayne, Chris Newman, David Quinn, Stuart Hollingdale, Khissain Pirov, Danny Sergent, Matin Pirov, Brayden Quinn, Billy Adams, Zach Bristow, Leon Wilson, Alfie Barker and more…


United Judo opened their junior Judo Dragon Squad and dedicated specialised time to a technical competitive situation.

United Judo opened their permanent premises dojo in Bexley (Bourne Road). A huge shout out to everyone who helped us achieve the venue and build it from the ground up! Then to make matters even better Neil Adams MBE attends to open the venue with a very special exclusive session, including a social event and speeches afterwards. Thanks Neil!

United in 2022

Photo includes Ryan Cottom, Will Young, Leon Wilson, Isabelle Wilson, Skip Callard, Pat Bryant, Ken Gibbons, Brayden Quinn, David Quinn, Neil Adams MBE, Paraic Hernon, Anselmo Marinheiro, Billy Adams, Archie Caistor, Danny Sergent, Bill Sergent and more…


United Judo visit the Budokwai in London for yet another fantastic session with their A-Class coaching and venue history.

Numerous of our junior competitors gain their place on the National team, special shoutouts to Kagan Barker, Louie Senguin, Oliver Cook and Billy Adams. Numerous of our senior competitors make their way on the Master National team including Ken Gibbons, Khissain Pirov, Dan Gibbons and Paraic Hernon.

We host our first summer camp with tons of hardworking Judokas committed to the extra sessions to further excel their talents on the tatami.

We take our annual trip to Cornwall for the Cornwall Judo International competition. We take more than 50 club members over to the sunny seaside for the competition and social event, it was fantastic and we’d love to thank everyone who attended.

Our head coach received an award from the Southern Area for 25 years of service. The award was presented by surprise at the Kent Intercounty competition.

We host our first friendly club competition within our Bexley dojo and host competitive judo to more than fifty fighters.

We open our first Judo toddler class! Hitting the ground running it was such a huge success we added an additional class to the session plan, now running on Mondays and Wednesdays at our main venue in Bexley.