United take medals at the Northern Ireland Open 2024

Exciting weekend at a national ranking event for United this week with two club competitors making their way up the medals. Coaches Dan Gibbons and Brayden Quinn take judoka Billy Adams and Tillie Clifford across to Derry/Londonderry at the Foyle Arena. Both club hopefuls venture across the water to try their skill and training at a highly anticipated open competition. 

Additional shoutout to Northern Ireland Judo for holding a fantastically smooth and enjoyable competition. 

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The Competitors at the Northern Ireland Open 2024

Tillie Clifford

Minors +48s

Raising her competitive career to even higher steps Clifford makes her presence known with an incredible performance. Tillie encounters great fighters from Wales, Scotland and Ireland combined but shows no fear as she takes to the tatami with coach Dan Gibbons. Tillies speed from Hajime to claiming her first score is decreasing by the day and it makes phenomenal Judo to watch.

Facing national squad members, Tillie had to keep her head in the game and focus at all times – something she later radiates as she continues to beat every judoka put in her way. Through working on her headspace, agility and drive she’s reached medals higher than ever before, securing a Gold place victory.

Billy Adams

Cadets -90s

Working his way up in the national seeding Billy Adams brings great judo to his opponents who notably hold a height and arm length advantage.  Adams showed fantastic commitment to his ashi waza advances and grip combinations. Proving they’re something to watch out for in championships to come.

Billy throughout the competition testified to his focus, determination and ambition which made both United coaches extremely happy with his performance. Congratulations on your Silver medal, 10 national ranking points and 10 grade points too Billy, tremendous efforts all around.

A word from the coaches

Dan Gibbons

Another great weekend for United Judo as Billy Adams and Tillie Clifford produced some amazing Judo to both medals at the Irish Open in Northern Ireland. Billy picked up some points towards his black belt and Tillie used some new moves she’s been working on. Very proud of both of them, great job, well done both. Had a cheeky Guinness to celebrate too!”

Brayden Quinn

“I was immensely proud of both of the judokas who took the tatami today. The great thing is I knew I would be, both Billy and Tillie train to the best of their ability and never miss a session. The results come to those who put in most effort and this weekend proves that.

Congratulations to Billy Adams who took home 10 National Seeding points and 10 Black Belt points too – fantastic job. Your next judo steps excite the hell out of all us coaches!

And another huge congratulations to Tillie Clifford who has shown immense progress over this last year. She’s one to watch – and if you miss her she’ll be on the rostrum claiming her medal.”

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The event was sponsored by City of Derry Airport and Northern Ireland Judo.

Photos provided by Top Judo – see here