United trip to Cornwall 2022

Here at United Judo, we find taking club trips either up or down the country maybe even abroad can help promote club unity and positive social support. That’s why we aim to make a trip annually with our players, we’ve already been to Malta, Spain, France, and numerous places within the UK. This year we were invited to join a competition based in Cornwall with Kazoku Judo Club – so we decided to take the trip!

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The trip

The journey...

The journey to Cornwall was eventful, to say the least with a packed coach from front to back. One of our coaches Brayden decided to hand out a job to our judokas of top secrecy. The job was to take the best sleeping passenger photos as they could (when safe to do so!), so Oliver and Chris decided to get involved. Snapping numerous photos they definitely understood the assignment! Even got one of Brayden too.

The cornwall journey
Tillie and Jodie Gibbons
Brayden sleeping
Bill Sergant Jnr

The competition...

When arriving in Cornwall the competition was fierce with countless players and several trophies to be won. The judokas from United all tried their very best to bring the action to the tatami in full throttle with countless ippons left right and centre. Inspired by the kids, Bill Sargent Jnr and Brayden Quinn also decided to compete too! Overall almost everyone from United who entered got a medal showing our capability and level of competitive Judo, leaving the coaches immensely proud.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and made this event possible, and additionally Kazoku Judo Club for the invitation. If you are interested in coming on the next trip please inform one of our coaches or the club secretary Carol.

The coach trip back
Greggs rolls bill

Photos provided by Top Judo – see here