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"In skill opposed, in spirit united."

United Judo was forged through the three Olympic values excellence, friendship, and respect – three values we strive to radiate through every session, every competition, and every event we’re part of. At the core of our judo club is a community, offering a place for children and adults of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to feel welcome into the sport we love. We tailor our sessions for a range of technical abilities in addition to competitive or non-competitive mindsets – we have players across a wide range of technical and competitive levels from school to international. We’re proud to host a range of competitive and technical coaches, with our Head Coach Dave Quinn (Competitive 6th Dan). All of our coaches are DBS checked, hold First Aid, and hold extensive knowledge in utilising Judo for positive mental and physical health.

United Judo has just touched down into their new premises based in Bexley and holds a 9Mx18M sprung mat area, spectator seating area, and refreshment facilities. A club social bar is also attached alongside seating, television space, and purchasable refreshments.

Lovena VencatakistnenLovena Vencatakistnen
18:54 20 May 24
My daughter has been attending United Judo in Bexley for the past couple of years, and I can't speak highly enough of our experience. The dojo, which is gorgeous, offers an incredibly warm and welcoming environment with a great family-friendly vibe. The senseis are numerous, and the head teacher, Dave, is incredible, ensuring that each child receives ample attention and instruction, fostering both kids’ skill development and a strong sense of community.One of the standout aspects of United Judo is the balanced mix of boys and girls, which has been fantastic for my daughter. She feels comfortable and confident, surrounded by peers her age who share her enthusiasm for the sport. It's truly inspiring to see such a diverse group of children learning and growing together. The club also gently encourages participation in competitions, and organises them too, giving kids great reasons to keep striving to improve their skills. My daughter was nervous to compete at first, but then was beyond proud of herself for having done so.Also, Judo is an exceptional martial art for children, particularly for girls, as it teaches self-defence, discipline, and confidence—disguised as fun. And unlike striking arts such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do, she’s learning muscle-memory grappling skills of leverage and balance that she could actually use against a larger attacker. I think the dynamic mix of stand-up and ground fighting is also better than Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for keeping preteen kids engaged and having fun, while teaching many of the same jujutsu principles as BJJ. The skills my daughter has acquired already clearly extend beyond the mat, equipping her greater self-assurance in everyday life. We're incredibly grateful to have found a dojo that values cleanliness, professionalism, and most importantly, fun. No matter how tired my daughter enters the dojo, she always leaves energised and smiling.United Judo has become a cherished part of our community, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any parent looking for a top-notch martial arts program for their child.
Ivan ValderramaIvan Valderrama
18:50 20 May 24
My daughter has been going to United Judo for over a year now. She started off in toddlers class and is now in the kids class.She has gained confidence in herself, and enjoys going to classes.The coaches at United Judo are truly the unsung heroes here. The way they help build kids up is nothing short of amazing.Don’t believe me? Come see for yourself.
Nataliya KuzivNataliya Kuziv
18:42 20 May 24
Well organised club, nice and committed coaches , lovely atmosphere!
Daniel NormanDaniel Norman
18:34 20 May 24
It’s our favourite family club. So friendly, educational, energetic and fun. Not to mention the unbelievable value. There is almost no organised activity your kids can do that is this inexpensive, this positive (for body and mind) and, for want of a better word, this great. Dave and Carole have created a bit of magic at their dojo and both my son and daughter have benefited hugely from being part of it. We have no background in this sport and just thought we’d give it a try - I am so, so glad we did. In fact, I’m sitting at Judo know watching my kids have the time of their lives.
Rafael GarridoRafael Garrido
18:30 20 May 24
Great club! Excellent people and really good atmosphere!Definitely recommended!
Katrina McDonaldKatrina McDonald
15:32 26 Apr 24
What a fabulous space! People were lovely and friendly and had a great sense of community. The art work on the walls is tremendous. If you are heading to this dojo for classes in judo or for safer falling you are in for a treat. #FindingYourFeet
Colleen StewartColleen Stewart
13:09 17 Feb 24
My son has been doing judo for over a year now with Chris and Keiron. This is a fantastic club that’s really good value for money. The instructors are firm but friendly with all of the kids - which suits my boy. My son has adhd so lots of energy but this class teaches him discipline and tires him out!
Elizabeth MasonElizabeth Mason
16:52 11 Jan 24
Absolutely brilliant Judo Club, I have 3 boys of various ages that attend this club, they do different nights at different levels, and all really enjoy going to judo every week. The staff and Sensei’s are really supportive with my children. The club has been brilliant for developing discipline, respect, kindness, physical strength and agility in my children and for that I’m super grateful. My children have made great friendships too.Thank you United Judo
I will recommend this particular judo club which my daughter is member, since she joined she’s having the fun of her life not only that she is also learning language.Her fighting skill is getting better by the day.Believe me with all honesty is more of a family place because your child will adapt easily.I am giving you 5🌟 with no regrets
Megan PlenderleithMegan Plenderleith
12:31 25 Dec 23
Amazing place, awesome teachers
Archie CaistorArchie Caistor
22:37 04 Dec 23
Gary NewmanGary Newman
09:28 30 Nov 23
United judo is a great club for all ages with a great team of staff that work very hard. United judo is like one big family.
Jorja HallJorja Hall
17:23 15 Nov 23
Amazing club with excellent staff!
Michelle AdamsMichelle Adams
18:35 11 Oct 23
My son has been a part of United Judo for the last 6 years. He's made lots of good friends and the support he receives from his coaches is amazing, he's come such a long way thanks to the club. There's so much on offer, sessions are available every day during the week, there's competitions and he loved the boot camp he attended in the summer holiday. I highly recommend United Judo!
Margaret SadzynskaMargaret Sadzynska
07:31 27 Sep 23
Great coaches and amazing atmosphere. Building confidence, self-defence and respect. Allways rewards those who works hard 🙂
Anselmo MarinheiroAnselmo Marinheiro
07:31 27 Sep 23
Top Judo Club.Great mat area and skilled coaches.My daughters are having a great time learning Judo as a sport and as a self defence skill.
06:35 17 Sep 23
Always made to feel very welcoming, fantastic facilities and a wealth of knowledge and experience offered by all the coaches….it seems to be open all the time!!

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Situated within the London Borough of Bexley, United Judo Club is conveniently positioned near the Borough of Dartford, attracting a predominant membership base from regions including Bexley, Bexleyheath, Dartford, Crayford, Erith, Slade Green, Belvedere, Welling, and Swanley. If you would like to know more about our venues or session times please click the buttons below.

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