Inclusive Classes are Coming Back

Judo offers a multitude of advantages for individuals with special needs, rendering it an exceptional choice for their physical and mental health. This martial art cultivates a structured setting, fostering stability and predictability. Improved physical fitness is a result of engaging in cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility routines. Furthermore, Judo encourages social interaction, bolstering self-assurance and empowerment through camaraderie and skill advancement. Its emphasis on discipline and emotional regulation aids in effective emotion management. Judo techniques are adaptable, ensuring inclusivity and enabling individuals to progress at their own pace. Essentially, Judo provides a supportive and inclusive platform for individuals with special needs to hone essential skills while reaping the myriad benefits of martial arts training.

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Our recently introduced special needs and inclusive classes were a winner

Due to the huge success of inclusive and special needs classes ran in 2023 with Head Coach Dave Quinn. United Judo have received the funding to run another years sessions. The sessions help individuals explore things from balance all the way through to communication building and confidence enhancement.

The classes are built on a inclusive model which allows each judoka to advance at their own pace whilst having the sport in a controlled safe environment. 

If you’re looking for something to do which is safe and allows for personal growth, look no further – we’d love to see you down the club.

Due to the requirements of coaching and facilitating staff, please check before attending sessions by calling us directly.

When do the classes run?

We’ve got classes running on the following dates this year:

10th February

16th March

13th April

18th May

15th June

20th July

17th August

14th September

12th October

9th November

14th December

If you would like to get involved or have an individual wishing to join, please contact us directly. Numbers are limited for these classes and only available on a first come first served basis unfortunately due to our staffing capabilities to best cater for the needs of the tatami (Judo mat).


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