Breaking down barriers: The Inclusive Journey of Disability in Judo

Tom Mawdsley Breaking down barriers

Breaking down barriers: The Inclusive Journey of Disability in Judo Judo, a martial art founded on principles of respect, courage, and self-discipline, has been making significant strides toward inclusivity in recent years. As the world acknowledges the importance of diversity in sports, the judo community has been at the forefront of fostering an environment that […]

That’s a Wrap 2023

Thats a wrap thumbnail

That’s a wrap 2023 Due to Covid-19 we were unable to celebrate such a successful few years United Judo has had. As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the dynamic journey we’ve had and all the achievements we’ve nailed in the past few years. Let’s delve into a summary with our […]

Behind the lens: Women in Sport

Girls in Sport Thumbnail

Behind the Lens: Women in Sport If you were by the dojo recently you may have noticed the huge amount of broadcasting and camera equipment! That’s because we teamed up with Sports Direct (Frasers Group) to put together a fantastic video for a brilliant cause. The video being produced was in aid of Women in […]

United trip to Cornwall 2022

Cornwall trip thumbnail

United trip to Cornwall 2022 Here at United Judo, we find taking club trips either up or down the country maybe even abroad can help promote club unity and positive social support. That’s why we aim to make a trip annually with our players, we’ve already been to Malta, Spain, France, and numerous places within […]

Is Judo good for physical health?

Iliadis Physical Health

Is Judo good for your Physical Health? The dynamic nature of Judo, with its continuous movements and bursts of energy, elevates heart rate and enhances cardiovascular endurance. Regular practice promotes a healthy heart, efficient oxygen utilisation, and improved stamina. The intensity of Judo training mimics the demands of real-life physical activities, making it an excellent […]

Black History Month 2023

BHM 2023 - Nekoda on Podium

Celebrating Black History Month 2023 In the intricate tapestry of martial arts, judo stands as a discipline that not only demands physical strength and technique but also embodies the values of respect, discipline, and perseverance. As we delve into Black History Month, it is a prime opportunity to recognise and celebrate the black athletes who […]

Is Judo good for Mental Health?

Chelsie Giles Mental Health

Is Judo good for your mental health? In the fast-paced whirlwind of modern life, finding a sanctuary for both physical and mental well-being is increasingly essential. Amidst the myriad of choices, Judo emerges as a unique and empowering path, offering not just a physical workout but a holistic journey that positively impacts mental health. Let’s […]

Building our dojo

Building the dojo thumbnail

Building our Dojo In the heart of our family-focused judo community, a remarkable journey has unfolded – the creation of our very own dojo. Guided by the skilled hands and vision of our dedicated club coaches, Paraic and Dan, our dream of a space for growth, discipline, and camaraderie is taking shape. In addition to […]

Saying goodbye to a dear friend Lee Ripley

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Saying goodbye to our dear friend Lee Ripley United Judo Club has been home to hundreds if not thousands of families for Judo and socialising since 2011. It is with a heavy heart we have to say goodbye to a dear friend to all of us here at the club. Our respects and love are […]